The three artists, therefore, can be seen as exploring post-minimal abstraction in their research of autonomous creative language. At cross-roads between a museum and science fiction, this project takes these historical texts as a lens through which current encounters between radical speculative fiction and museums scientific narratives can be considered. Sophie Ristelhueber Paysages français. Against this backdrop, the exhibition presents both artistic works that deal explicitly with political or social issues as well as works dealing with more fundamental questions inherent in art itself. Fives dématérialise ses factures fournisseurs avec Esker pour améliorer sa gestion dans un contexte international. The landscape then becomes the essential reference of her work:

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Les autres sites Infopro. Dans un monde qui bouge et qui évolue de plus en plus rapidement, la 13ème Edition de Jerozolimskie in the city centre. Wesley Meuris Attached 24 Oct – 24 Oct. Emplitude étend son offre de solutions verticalisées métiers pour son réseau de distributeurs.

Romain Desjours | CV en ligne

Poétique du sabotage [group show] 10 Feb – 30 Apr. She has exhibited her works internationally and her film and video works have been nominated for two BAFTAs and have received awards at international film festivals.

Politics refugees, poetic refugees Visual poetry and performance of the vieewer. Kapwani Kiwanga 03 Mar – 06 Mar. Ann Stouvenel Everything begins with a journey, from the idea itself to the physical displacement. Peace Treaty 17 Jun – 01 Jan. For Anselm Kiefer, all of Germany as a landscape is contaminated.

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Cohabitation suggests the politics of living arrangements, from being arbitrarily denied spaces to rent, to the street and the politics of sleep. They speculate on future pasts, question stratigraphic oracles and expose new concepts of « otherness » as outdated strategies of alienation.


Artists proceed to places of transit in an observational distance or become themselves a part of the place? Starting from a long and patient work on eskfr archives relating to decolonization, Kapwani Kiwanga defined a protocol calling for a recovery from iconographic documents of the time ; bouquets of flowers have been used for obviously symbolic purposes in ceremonies or events related to the independence of African countries. However, in the context of GB11, the eighth climate helps us explore art’s capacity to say and do something about the future, without either being paralyzed by its prospects or defaulting to established technologies of prediction.

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It refers to a hypothetic tunnel linking Europe to Africa via the strait of Gibraltar, that has been studied for a number of ssker but has yet to be realised. Kees Visser currentmood 03 Nov – 22 Dec. In this sense, they meet a desire to create visual situations.

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Monira Al Qadiri composes a doomsday religious song, Rachel Rose rebuilds the history of art with a disaster, Deimantas Narkevicius revisits the story eser the nuclear threat, Cédrick Eymenier suggests the end of a civilization, and Basma Alsharif mocks the violence of the images. Historical facts, fictional, magical and supernatural elements are interwoven in Kiwanga’s research-based projects.

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En parallèle de l’exposition, une soirée de projection de films d? The eighth climate might well resonate with global warming.

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Babi Badalov is an Azeri artist and poet. Reflections on the Origin and Spread of Nationalism, viewe political scientist and historian Benedict Anderson. The show highlights how, notwithstanding their powerful distinctive work, these artists share a number of artistic techniques and concepts: The issue of the Enlightenment is always an issue of the here and now: Screening of the video « Philippe ».


Acteur majeur du transport ferroviaire entre la France et le Royaume-Uni, Getlink, précédemment Grou The exhibition will open on March 3, at 6pm Group show Artists participating: Babi Badalov Guerilla of Enlightenment. Establishing a dialogue with the site-specific commissions at the museum’s Oval Gallery, these group shows present side by side works of artists and architects who, in their respective fields, have produced insights and critical reflections on crucial themes of our times.

The notion of the eighth climate dates back to 12th century Persian mystic and philosopher Sohravardi, and was elaborated by 20th century French philosopher Henri Corbin. A smooth aquatic road movie.

Sophie Ristelhueber Paysages français. The invited artists and the member international curatorial staff represent primarily the region of Central-East Europe and countries and cultures in the adjacent areas. Vue Prise en Aeroplane? In France, more than works of art have been produced or are currently in progress in nineteen regions, half in rural areas, and in extremely varied contexts: Shifted from a familiar mental movement, we suddenly find ourselves in the middle – in between things, between this and that sense, between one fiction and many others.